Utah Business Filmed Brandon Floyd Talking About His Journey to...


In August 2022, we shared that Rubicon was recognized by Inc. Magazine for their Inc. 5000 list of fasted-growing companies in the U.S. Rubicon hasn’t slowed down since that time. Utah Business Magazine recently released honorees for CEO of the Year 2023. On that list was Rubicon’s very own CEO: Brandon Floyd. 

Watch Brandon as he describes his journey to get where he is today.

“It was when I was eight that I learned the word entrepreneurship and understanding creation or creating an entity or a team or building something was always intriguing to me. Given the opportunity to join a family office and play entrepreneur, even though I didn’t historically have the intestinal fortitude or the risk gene has been awesome. It’s fulfilled that dream for me to be a part of a team that’s fast growing. The people that inspire me most, to be honest, are the people that I see fail and then fail and then fail, but don’t give up. In a fast growing company, we’ve hired a lot of people that have chosen not to overcome those failures. They’ve chosen to leave and do something else. We’ve had a number of people, and it’s hard to guess when you’re going to find somebody who just decides, I’m going to do it, and I’m going to do it again, and I’m going to try harder, and I’m going to overcome. That’s probably the most rewarding thing to me and the most inspiring thing because there’s days where I feel like I’m not going to accomplish what I need to, but I see our team putting in the effort, and that’s motivating.”