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Inspecting subcontractor work is absolutely essential, especially when it comes to making tenant improvements or renovations.  At Rubicon, we have helped countless commercial property owners and managers oversee construction and inspect the workmanship.  This checklist includes several of the items we check to ensure a subcontractor’s project is performed safely and correctly.


  • Commercial property clean, free of debris and trip hazards
  • Projecting nails removed or bent over
  • Waste containers used
  • Passageways and walkways clear
  • Cords off the floor
  • Adequate fire extinguishers accessible
  • Safe hand tools used
  • Guards in place on machines
  • Safety rails and cables secured properly
  • Subcontractors below are protected from falling objects
  • Ladders are safe and secured to prevent subcontractors from slipping, sliding, or falling
  • All scaffolding is erected and used safely
  • Materials are appropriately stored or stacked
  • Burning/welding/cutting goggles or shields are used
  • Employees are protected from cement dust
  • Hard hats are being worn by all subcontractors
  • Safety equipment is being worn by all subcontractors
  • Respirators are used when required
  • Masks are worn when required
  • Hearing protection is worn when required
  • High-visibility vests are being worn by all subcontractors
  • All personal protective equipment (PPE) is kept in reasonable condition


  • Overall Structural Integrity: Verify there are no sagging or weak fascia, gutter systems, and soffit on the commercial property roof.
  • Material Fitting: Ensure all shingles, metal sheets, and seals are correctly fitted
  • Roof Interior: Check for poorly fitted ceilings
  • Workmanship: Ensure that the level of quality documented in the local contracting rules and guidelines is met.


Before Paving:

  • Subgrade soil must be free of rust, contaminants, excess dust, large stones, mud, or ice.
  • Subgrade soil must be firmly compacted and unaffected by weather or traffic
  • Before tack-coating, the area must be free of puddled water, debris, effects, and trash.
  • Tack must be applied thinly and evenly on the site.

During Paving:

  • Arriving loads have proper mix size, minimal segregation, and consistent color.
  • Hot mix asphalt should be at the appropriate temperature
  • Pavers maintain the correct line, grade, and cross slope.
  • Rolling to be as continuous as possible.
  • Joints should be tight and flush with adjacent surfaces.
  • The mat should have a uniform appearance.


  • Proper backflow prevention procedures were followed
  • Installation meets state and local codes
  • Irrigation system controllers are correctly installed on the commercial property
  • Rain sensors are correctly installed
  • All sprinkler zones turn on
  • Sprinkler heads have the required pressure to operate efficiently
  • Sprinkler heads are adjusted to prevent overspray onto unintended areas
  • Sprinklers achieve 100% coverage of intended areas
  • No leaks
  • Sprinkler heads have proper vertical alignment
  • Valves are installed correctly
  • All wires in valve boxes are connected correctly
  • Valves are accessible for repair
  • Valves are located in appropriate valve boxes.


  • No creaky stairs or floors
  • No scratches, chips, or stains on the flooring
  • No broken or uneven tile or grout
  • No bumps, hols, or stains on the carpet
  • All windows open smoothly
  • Locks work on all windows
  • All window glass is intact
  • No dents on doors, including garage doors
  • Locks operate properly
  • Doorknobs work and are in good condition
  • Garage doors open and close
  • Proper seal around garage door
  • Sealed windows and screens in all windows
  • All doors close and latch properly
  • No chips or scratches on countertops
  • No scratches or dents in appliances
  • Cabinet doors are correctly aligned
  • No uneven or bowed walls
  • No uneven paint coverage
  • No dents on ceilings and walls 
  • No gaps in the moulding
  • All electrical outlets function properly
  • All lighting and fans work when switched on
  • Light fixtures are centered
  • Heat functions properly
  • AC functions properly
  • No chips or scratches on tubs and sinks
  • Good water pressure
  • Hot water runs promptly
  • Tiles are grouted and even
  • Faucets are unscratched
  • No rust stains or scratches on floors and tubs
  • Toilet pipes are open and flush easily
  • No chips, scratches, or caulk on countertops
  • Old and discarded materials are cleaned up and removed