Our tenant budget worksheet will help you break down the costs needed for tenants to renovate existing space.



Click on the button below to view the Tenant Improvement Budget Worksheet Template in Google sheets.


There are two options to edit the Budget Worksheet.

  • Download it as an Excel file by clicking File >> Download >> Microsoft Excel >> .xlsx OR
  • Edit it in Google Sheets by making a copy: File >> Make a Copy


Feel free to rename your newly downloaded Excel file or your Google Sheets Copy with the name of your project.


When you are ready to start editing your worksheet, put in all the different renovation tasks in column A. If you need to add additional tasks, right-click on the number next to the row you’d like to add and select insert 1 row below.


Next put your clients budget next to all the tasks (column D)


As you do each task, add the contractor or vendor you are working with (column B) and the costs of labor and materials required for each task (column C)


This will let you know if you are under or over your tenant improvement budget (column E)


The red row at the end of the spreadsheet will calculate all of your totals.

List of Some Common Tenant Improvement Items to Include in Your Worksheet:

  • Carpet and paint for an existing unoccupied space.
  • Carpet and paint for an existing occupied space.
  • Minor remodel of an existing space.
  • New construction of space with restrooms and lobbies already built
  • New construction of a space with no restrooms or lobby yet
  • Office furnishing
  • Systems furniture
  • Cabling
  • Moving costs