March 12, 2023

Great Commercial Construction Design Trends 2023

Construction design trends change almost daily, but the most important thing in any commercial construction design is that it meets the needs of your business. Rubicon believes that all buildings should be beautiful, and it is our job to make sure that we tailor your design to your specific aesthetic taste while meeting your business’ unique needs.

Construction Design Trends

If 2020 has taught the construction business anything, it is that there is a real desire out there for simplicity. While the commercial projects at Rubicon vary, there are many trends that are fairly universal.


While the resort construction industry is leading the charge on renewable materials and water-saving appliances, environmentally-friendly options definitely top of mind in all categories.

Calming Trends

Commercial office space has been a constant proponent of design that lends itself to providing a happier and healthier environment for workers, but we are now seeing that trend reach over into other areas as well. Possibly a product of being inside so much of 2020, but the desire to bring elements of nature to the inside of a building design is becoming more and more common. This can extend from simply more light and windows in the design to natural materials and calming tones.

Large, expensive lobby that has massive windows for construction design

Technology Integration

This is where it gets a little trickier. Technology integration into design has been on the rise for some time. This is still true in modern, transitional and industrial builds, but interestingly enough, the resort industry is beginning to take another look. Many times, the addition of new technologies is taking away from the vacation experience. Again, a return to a simpler time, or at least a better balance, seems to be the new wave of the future.

Mixed Media

Transitional design sets the standard for classic design but adds your own flare. It gave us the freedom to cross boundaries. We are now seeing this more and more with mixed mediums, such as combining metal and wood. It is also bringing more natural materials into the mix across different builds.

Function First

Industrial construction design was the first to return to functionality above all else, but with the simpler trends we are seeing, we believe this will be the case for many others as well. 


Your company's building is instrumental in establishing and reinforcing your company culture. An investment in new construction design is an investment in your people. When designing your new commercial building, you should take into account the use of your space, your company’s mission and culture, your design aesthetic, and your surroundings. Buildings should edify their surroundings and the people within them. Rubicon can help you make that happen.

Value Engineering

If the current trend you have your heart set on is outside your budget, do not despair. At Rubicon, our value engineering experts have the experience needed to identify and recommend alternative materials and design adjustments that will allow you to achieve the look you want all while staying within budget and maximizing functionality and usable space.

At Rubicon, we provide the support that our teams need to provide you with the very best end result for your commercial design. We know that when you hire us that we are representing your business, and we bring our A game every single time.

We bring fresh eyes and new perspectives to each of our projects and recommend adjustments to design or construction design that maximize space and materials to achieve your ultimate goals.

Want to learn more about the latest trends and what is right for your business? Give us a call.