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    Lawn Care for professionals, by professionals.

    Let’s be honest, nothing says “unprofessional” like a poorly maintained lawn. So why not hire the professionals and become the envy of your competition? Don’t worry, Rubicon’s got you covered.


Stop managing multiple service providers.

We do it all.

Finding trustworthy, reliable professionals for any job can be a difficult, time-consuming task. If you need work done quickly and within budget, we can help. Just fill out the form, and you’ll hear back within a few business hours.

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Mowing + Trimming

Did you know that proper mowing and trimming can make or break the appearance of a commercial property? Lawn care is not just about watering and fertilizing. It’s an art! And mastering the techniques of mowing and trimming is crucial for maintaining a pristine and professional-looking landscape.
What you can expect from Rubicon Mowing + Trimming
Skilled Professionalism
Precision, Communication and Care
A Healthy Lawn
A Breath-taking Landscape

Watering + Nurturing

Rubicon knows exactly what your lawn needs. We keep a close eye on:
Soil Health
Water Conservation
Water Efficiency
Proper Fertilization
Let’s face it, lawn care may not be the most exciting topic out there. But as a commercial property owner, neglecting proper watering and nurturing of your soil can lead to disastrous consequences for your lawn. Yes, we said it — disastrous.

Weed + Pest Control

Why is it important to keep these pesky intruders at bay? Well, let’s break it down — weeds and pests are the evil twins of lawn care. They not only ruin the appearance of your lush green grass, but also cause damage to your plants and compromise their health.
Here’s why you should trust Rubicon:
Disease Prevention
Pest Removal and Avoidance Solutions
Effective Weed Control

Lawn Aeration

Let Rubicon Lawn Care give your lawn a breath of fresh air...
Improving Soil Health
Enhancing Nutrient Absorption
Boosting Turf Resilience
Give your lawn a little breathing room!

Lawn aeration is the process of creating small holes in the soil to help air, water, and nutrients reach deep down to the roots of your grass. This allows for better absorption and encourages stronger root growth, leading to a healthier and more lush lawn.