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    What does Rubicon have in common with landscaping? Growth.

    The only thing growing faster than your lawn, is our ability to provide commercial landscaping services that are simply unmatched in the industry. Caring for a landscape is much more than cutting and watering. We’re passionate about maintaining growth, wherever it springs up.


Stop managing multiple service providers.

We do it all.

Finding trustworthy, reliable professionals for any job can be a difficult, time-consuming task. If you need work done quickly and within budget, we can help. Just fill out the form, and you’ll hear back within a few business hours.

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$35 per hour
Lawn Care

100% grass-fed
is good.

Beef skewer hovering over landscape

100% fed-up
with grass, isn’t.

Our lawn care experts take the bull by the horns.

Mowing lawns is one thing. Caring for landscaping is another—and we've discovered the secret to providing unparalleled care.

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While we’re waiting on our legal team to declassify our secrets, you can take advantage of it by hiring our professional teams to service your property.

In addition to mowing and edging, we also offer seasonal cleanup, fertilization, and aeration. These services coupled with regular lawn care will ensure that your landscape looks its best all year long. While we can’t tell you everything, we can assure you that we’ll exceed your expectations while caring for your lawn and landscape as we would care for our own.

Tree Care

We’re branching out.

It’s true that we’re trying a few new things, but tree care isn’t one of them. Our experts certainly know how to best take care of your trees and shrubs. Our years of experience will show on our first visit. We’ve been landscaping a long time, and our specialists are equipped and willing to go out on a limb for your business.

Whether you need pruning, trimming, or removal services, we've got you covered. Our services also include stump grinding and emergency tree removal, ensuring that your property remains safe and beautiful at all times. Trust us to take care of your trees as if they were our own—with the utmost care and attention.

Meet Thaddeus.

Thaddeus had one job to do—find a smart irrigation controller that would save his company a ton of money, water, and time.

Unfortunately, Thaddeus didn’t know about Smart Rain. Their leading-edge tech would have done all those things, and more.

Instead, Thaddeus pulled into work one rainy morning only to notice that the sprinklers were watering his landscaping despite the rain. The Smart Rain system would have never allowed that to happen. Sadly, Thaddeus’ employer was wasting more money paying for out-dated tech that just couldn’t do the job.

After meeting with HR, Thaddeus couldn’t do his job either.

Don’t be as sad as sad Thaddeus is. Let Smart Rain help.


Everything from install to inspection.

Whether you’re needing a brand new install on a recently-developed property, or repairs made on existing systems, you’ve come to the right place for beautiful landscaping.

Tinkering around with out-dated irrigation timers and losing time trying to repair old sprinkler systems—those days are over. At affordable rates, your irrigation systems can be serviced by top professionals. (And that’s if they even need to be serviced in-person at all.) Thanks to Smart Rain’s advanced irrigation technology your techs can attend to your landscaping remotely, through Smart Rain's mobile or desktop app.

Whatever landscaping job you need done, we’re the ones to call for prompt, professional service. With many years’ experience in the industry, our crew members are well-equipped to diagnose a wide-range of irrigation problems and troubleshoot the best solutions.

For a smarter irrigation solution, ask us about Smart Rain and their cutting-edge tech. You’ll save a ton of water, a lot of time, and possibly thousands of dollars on water bills. However incredible you may imagine a smart solution being, it’s at least twice that remarkable. Don’t believe us? We have the case studies to prove it. Just be prepared for your jaw to drop, (and sorry, that may be awkward for you).

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We’ve partnered with Smart Rain to provide top-notch irrigation services.


A lot can happen when the seasons change. Best make sure you’re covered.

Many tasks and jobs need doing as seasons change. At Rubicon, we’re equipped to help with all of them, so that you can focus on growing your business or managing your property. Don't continue to hassle with the everyday, sometimes repetitive tasks that are stacking up. Let us help. Call today for a free, no-obligation quote for your seasonal landscaping requirements.

Don't let the changing seasons bring down the beauty of your landscape—leave it to Rubicon Contractors for all your tree care needs! Contact us today and let us take the burden off your shoulders. Your trees (and back) will thank you. Let's make landscaping a breeze with Rubicon Contractors. Trust us, we're the best in the business.

Plant Care

Weed love to help.

Plants and flowerbeds add a lot of appeal to your landscaping, but they also require a bit of time and attention. From regular watering to weeding to dead heading and even trimming. If your hand contains the ace of spades, you can relax. You have the winning hand.

We understand that maintaining a commercial property is no easy feat—there are a million things to take care of and weeding may not be at the top of your priority list. But let's face it, nobody likes an unkempt lawn with unsightly weeds ruining the view. That's where our team of experts come in. We will ensure that your property looks pristine and weed-free, while you focus on running your business. Hiring Rubicon to manage your plant care is a win-win for everyone.

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