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    Power on and level up with our premium electrical services.

    If it uses electricity, we can install, troubleshoot, fix, upgrade, or relocate it. (Unless it’s an electric eel, in which case we can only relocate.) Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote on construction or electrical services.


Stop managing multiple service providers.

We do it all.

Finding trustworthy, reliable professionals for any job can be a difficult, time-consuming task. If you need work done quickly and within budget, we can help. Just fill out the form, and you’ll hear back within a few business hours.

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We’re turning the electrical industry on its head.

We’ve listed only a selection of our electrical services below. For more information, or for questions regarding what services we provide, fill out the form above, and we’ll be in touch soon.


Electrical issues hiding within your circuitry can be difficult to diagnose and fix unless you’re a professional with experience. Let us help.


We can handle permitting, as well as running power to new machinery or resolving power needs in warehouses, offices, and apartment complexes.


Take advantage of local rebates, save money, and conserve energy. We can also upgrade existing lights for additional savings and quality of light output.


Any property or suite can be remodeled to match your desired specs. Just finished a demo? Want to change locations of devices? We do it all.


Be prepared for any situation. We can install emergency power options for buildings or suites that cannot function without power during outages.


Our crew can work with single phase, three phase, and 120/240, 277/480 volt circuits. We can also work with all amperages. Let’s power on and level up.

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Tenant Improvement

Sometimes life gets a little messy. We can help your space look new again.

Properties can quickly look run down and in need of repair if regular maintenance and construction isn’t performed. Finding time to maintain your buildings is often difficult. We specialize in TI’s, and are equipped to handle almost any task. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.


Are you up against a wall when it comes to having drywall installed and finished?

Drywall construction can be a challenge to work with if you’re not experienced, or if you’re rushing to get to the next job. Your space is important to you, which makes it important to us. Let us make sure the finished product is everything you want it to be.


Professional plumbers doing top-notch work with no cracks.

Whether it’s an emergency call, or a scheduled upgrade, you’re in the right place. When it comes to plumbing, you want experienced professionals. Don’t risk damage from leaks or floods by trying to cut corners. Get the job done right the first time.


A splash of color can go a long way. Just make sure the brush is in the right hands.

Paint is a powerful yet inexpensive way to bring any space back to life. When there’s more than you want to take on, you know where to find us.


Whether you need to turn up the heat or cool off, we can help.

Our HVAC specialist are ready to tackle any job, no matter how large or small. Call today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Get Simplified Services for Only $35 per hour
*When bundled with qualifying services.