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    Conquer your snow removal with Rubicon.


Winter is Coming


The 2023/2024 snow removal season is going to be a big one. With a heavy snowfall forecast and a lack of available snow removal suppliers, you’re going to want to lock down your snow removal. Get snow ready with Rubicon!
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2023/2024 Snow Season: Rubicon Won’t Back Down

Our last snow season was much heavier than usual. Most didn’t expect us to receive such a large amount of snowfall. While snow removal companies had plenty of demand, many of them were unprepared to respond timely when servicing properties.

As we are coming into the 2023/2024 snow season, many snow removal companies are looking to cut back. Since last year was such heavy snowfall, and an unfavorable economic future is on the horizon, snow removal companies will be hesitant to expand and grow their business. It’s easier for companies to stay stagnant, stick to the status quo, and not take any risk for growth.

When you’re desperate for snow plowing services this upcoming winter, companies will begin to take advantage of you. They will see your desperation, and they will be sure to take full advantage of it.

Snow removal companies will be stretched thin because they don’t have the guts to do what Rubicon is already doing.

Rubicon isn’t slowing down. When a snow removal company can’t service you, Rubicon is ready. When your old provider abandons you, Rubicon will be there. Rubicon sees a bright future, and that is why we are on the move. That’s why we’ve invested to grow our snow removal fleet to be the biggest fleet of trucks in the Western United States.

Rubicon is aggressively growing our team of snow warriors, and our fleet of trucks. Others can’t say the same about their snow removal fleets. Others may struggle because they won’t have the resources to service you. Rubicon won’t fail. For the 2023/2024 snow season, you can depend on Rubicon.

Rubicon’s Snow Removal Fleet

Team up with the leader in snow plowing and winter services.

Our fleet of reliable and capable vehicles are built for the toughest conditions and has been designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding winter storms. We continually increase our snow plowing vehicle fleet, making the Rubicon snow removal fleet the largest privately-held in North America. The robust assortment of vehicle sizes can accommodate any sized commercial property job, making them well-suited for all your winter service needs.

With years of experience, we’ve proven our dedication to providing dependable and cost-effective solutions while ensuring the safety of both our clients and the environment. Our commitment to excellence is matched by our customer satisfaction, giving our clients peace of mind in knowing their project is in the right hands. Choose Rubicon, and rest assured your project will be done right, safely, and in a timely manner. We also do our best to keep the cost of snow plowing better than competitors. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Rubicon uses a variety of vehicles for snow removal, from pickup trucks and tractors to specialized snowplows and salt spreaders. The fleet is designed to handle large commercial areas as well as smaller lots.

Whatever your property needs, Rubicon can meet those needs. For the larger parts of your property, we will use our larger trucks to clear out the snow safely and efficiently. But if there is an area that can’t be accessed by one of our small trucks, we will utilize our ATVs, snowrators, and snow blowers to keep the snow clear.

We take pride in utilizing the right equipment for each job, ensuring a safe and effective approach to snow removal. Furthermore, all of our assets are well maintained and regularly inspected by experienced technicians for optimal performance. With the help of these versatile vehicles, Rubicon can keep surfaces clear and safe in the harshest of winter conditions.

2023–24 Snow Removal Forecast

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Expect El Niño Conditions this Winter Season

El Niño occurs when the surface water in the Pacific Ocean becomes warmer than average and the East winds are weaker than normal. What does this mean for Utah? It means a snowier and colder than average winter. Be sure to secure snow removal early with Rubicon.

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What can the Rockies be Expecting this Winter?

Those located in the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains areas can expect to see “plenty of occasional bouts of storminess, bringing widespread rains and snows,” according to the Farmers’ Almanac. Call Rubicon and get premium snow plowing services today!

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Rubicon is hands-down the best in delivering top-notch customer service. Communication is clear, concise and timely.

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Winter Services We Provide

Snowplow Truck Service

We want to make your facility a safe and welcoming place with precision snow removal. Our truck services provide pre-storm, during, and post-storm service so that you, your employees, or your guests have no need to worry. Our equipped trucks and team of talented truck operators will work with your account manager to know exactly what you need for your facility. Truck services are ideal for parking lots and roadway entrances that need snow plowing.

Backhoe/Skid Steer Service

Rubicon also provides you with access to a backhoe and/or skid steer for heavier snow jobs. We understand how winters can be in the western United States. We are equipped with resources and qualified workers for even the toughest snow removal jobs. Backhoe/skid steer services are ideal for bigger projects requiring large snow stacking. Rubicon goes the extra mile because we know you won’t settle for less.

Shovel Service

Rubicon isn’t just a company that ignores the fine details of your property. We want to make sure the job is done just right. That’s why we get out of our snow removal vehicles and use our own strength to remove your unwanted snow. We also have snow blowers available. Shovel services and snow blowing are ideal for removing snow off sidewalks and other places machinery can’t get to.

ATV Service

ATVs aren’t just for fun! They are a great tool for ATV plow services as well. Our ATV snow plowing services make it easy to get lots of snow removed from unwanted areas, in a small amount of time. We bring the ATVs out pre-storm, during, and post-storm, just like we do with our trucks. This will ensure your roads, parking lots, and walkways are always clear for guests to your commercial property.

Salt and Ice Melt Service

Many snow removal companies might think that the job is done once you clear the snow. Rubicon knows that the job is far from done. Rubicon ensures the safety of your parking lots and walkways by laying down ice melt. Safety is one of the most important elements of snow removal, and Rubicon hasn’t forgotten that. As your snow removal specialists, Rubicon will be sure that your visitors can walk safely on your property.  
Rubicon's Snow Removal Utah & Colorado Fleet

When it comes to commercial snow removal services, we’re conquering expectations.

No one’s better or more efficient when it comes to providing an array of commercial snow removal services. Our fleet of high-performance trucks along with a legion of snow warriors makes it possible to provide top-notch, unmatched snow shoveling service. Never be snowed in again. When you side with Rubicon, you position yourself for victory.


Our People

Snow Warriors

Rubicon has a dedicated and experienced crew of snow removal specialists who are well-versed in the process. Our self-performing snow crew have years of experience working on small and large projects.

Rubicon’s own skilled labor force ensures that every job is done quickly and efficiently. We are committed to safety standards, so you can count on reliable and professional service every time. Find out more about how our mission pushes us to give you the best service.

24/7 Dedicated Account Manager

We have experienced Account Managers to oversee every job for our Rubicon Snow Warriors, ensuring that each project is completed according to your specifications. Our Account Managers are knowledgeable and understanding of your needs and will work with you closely to ensure that all the details are taken care of, and that you’ll be following local policies.

Your Account Manager is available 24/7 in case of any emergency snow removal services. With our team, you can rest assured that your property will stay safe no matter the weather.

Our Tech

Proactive Weather Alerts

Rubicon uses the latest weather alert systems to ensure prompt attention to your commercial property. We keep a close eye on forecasts to be ready for any winter-related developments, and because of this, we can be sure that our staff is ready to deploy at a moment’s notice whenever the need arises.

Our dedication to staying ahead of the weather means that our clients can confidently know that they’ll be receiving top-notch service no matter what Mother Nature throws at them. When it comes to snow removal, Rubicon’s systems are always one step ahead.

Our Materials

Ice Melt

Rubicon provides salt and ice melt to help keep walkways and parking lots clear of snow and ice. Rubicon provides the most effective ice melt solutions to keep employees and customers safe from slips, trips, and falls. Your Rubicon winter warriors will apply salt and ice melt before and after storms to inhibit ice from taking hold during cold weather times.

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Rubicon’s Snow Removal Safety

Safety is a core priority of Rubicon. Not only do we want to ensure the safety of your clients, but we are also taking measures to ensure the safety of our own employees. Safety training is a must for our Rubicon Snow Warriors. We train each employee to know and understand the local laws and regulations needed to clear your snow safely and effectively.

After all, snow can be quite hazardous in large quantities on a commercial property. Several situations can put your business in tough positions. Cars may slip in the parking lot on your property, preventing others from getting to your business. Someone may slip and fall on your property, resulting in injury and an unwelcoming customer experience. This is where Rubicon steps in. Rubicon is committed to your safety and to the safety of your clients.