We Are Rubicon

Guess it just makes sense that a company like Rubicon would be born in the middle of America’s Wild West—where the toughest devils constantly battle mother nature’s efforts to flush ‘em out or snow ‘em in. Where buildings rise up from sun-scorched earth and snow warriors conquer ice and blizzard. Where dirt and grime are vanquished, garbage exiled, and electricity harnessed and tamed. Where over-grown landscapes are subdued, and all manner of broken things, mended. Welcome to the West, and welcome to the company that tames her.


Our Mission and Core Values



Our mission is to show our customers, through our actions, that we can and will deliver the best facility services according to our abilities. We stay committed to excellence by strict adherence to core values.

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Unbelievable care. Always quick to respond. We love dealing with the guys. It always feels like family.

Travis R.
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Our Culture

Our values are at the core of Rubicon and drive our company culture. We don’t just put our core values on the wall and then forget they exist. We talk about them each and every day. Every single employee knows our values and they shape every interaction we have whether it’s on a job site, over the phone or in the office. We work with integrity to provide you with the best facility services.

We have a culture of communicating. Really. Good communication is key to any successful partnership. Each and every part of our team knows that communicating clearly and honestly is nonnegotiable—with our customers, with our trade partners and with each other. And we believe in setting clear expectations and delivering on our commitments, because we know that time is money, and we are efficient with both.

We set clear timelines, increase productivity on the job site to stay within your budget, create cost efficiencies by employing a variety of skilled professionals and conserve resources for your facility’s services. As a result, our pursuit of maximizing efficiency pays dividends for our customers.

Positivity and enthusiasm are also key components to consistently completing jobs on time and within budget. Our team approaches each challenge with a positive attitude and the resolve to directly address and conquer every obstacle. That unwavering pursuit is at the heart of our culture. We are fiercely loyal to our values, customers, employees and trade partners. As your general contractor, we are committing ourselves to forge ahead and see your facility services project through to completion. No excuses.

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Rubicon has been one of the best companies to work with. I would recommend using them for your next job. I love working with their team of people they are knowledgeable and easy to work with.

Brandi B.
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Employee safety doesn’t end off the job, so Rubicon trains for dangerous situations that can happen at any time. We put a particular focus on CPR and first aid training.

All Rubicon employees carry and utilize the personal protective equipment required for the job they are performing. This equipment includes ear and eye protection, gloves, boots, and personal fall protection (harness and lanyard). From their very first day with the company, all employees receive training on safety procedures and policies. New employee interviews occur at thirty, sixty, and ninety-day benchmarks.

Additionally, each morning, site leads conduct a pre-planning meeting for the day, identifying potential safety issues. Employees are trained regularly on first aid, CPR, fall protection, scaffold usage, hazardous materials handling, and more.

When a specific facility services project requires the use of specialized equipment or devices, only those workers trained in the safe operation of this equipment are authorized to operate it.

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The people that run and operate Rubicon are some of the finest people I have met. I have never had any problems when working with them. They are quick to respond to my communication and quick to take action.

Tim H.
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