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    It’s a no brainer: pests are a no-go! Whether it’s ants, roaches, bugs, or even bigger pests like mice or vermin, Rubicon professional pest control management will ensure your commercial property is free and clear of any unwanted visitors.


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Great people and great company. We control a lot of commercial properties and Rubicon has always been responsive and on top of any of our needs.

Jordan J.
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Commercial Pest Control


Dealing with pests in a commercial setting is much different than in a residential one. The scale and complexity of the problem can be much larger and require specialized equipment and techniques.

Commercial properties often have strict regulations and guidelines to follow, making it necessary for a professional pest control company to handle any infestation. They have the expertise and equipment needed to effectively eradicate pests while also minimizing any disruption to business operations.

No one wants to see a mouse scurrying across the floor of their favorite restaurant or store. It’s not exactly the best marketing strategy.

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Rubicon is attentive and capable. They know how to take care of their customers and the property with this crew is always in good hands. Highly recommend!

Natalie S.
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As much as we may dislike them, insects are a vital part of our ecosystem. From pollinating plants to decomposing organic matter, these tiny critters play a big role in keeping our world functioning. However, when they invade our personal spaces, it's a whole different story.

There are numerous types of insects that can find their way onto your property. Some common culprits include ants, cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, and spiders. Each of these pests has their own unique behaviors and characteristics that make them a nuisance to deal with.

When it comes to keeping insects out of your property, Rubicon pest control is the ultimate weapon. Our pest control professionals are trained to identify and effectively eliminate pests in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. We use various methods such as trapping, baiting, and spraying to get rid of insect infestations.

Rodents are a common nuisance in many homes and properties. From sneaky mice to pesky rats, these pests can cause damage and spread diseases if left unchecked. It's no wonder why pest control is such a vital service for property owners!

But don't underestimate the damage they can cause. Mice are notorious for chewing on wires, furniture, and even walls, causing costly repairs. Not to mention, they also pose a health risk with their droppings and urine potentially carrying harmful bacteria.

Then, there are the larger and more aggressive rodents—rats. These pests are not only bigger in size but also bolder in behavior. They can cause significant damage to your property by gnawing on almost anything they come across, from pipes to electrical wiring.

So how exactly can pest control help? Well, for one, a Rubicon trained professional has the knowledge and expertise to identify rodent entry points and effectively seal them off. We also have access to safe and effective methods of extermination, ensuring that your property is free from pesky rodents.

But perhaps most importantly, pest control can help prevent future infestations by implementing preventative measures. This includes regular inspections and treatments to keep rodents at bay.

Termites are pesky little creatures that can cause a lot of damage to your commercial property. They may be small, but their impact on your business can be massive. As an entrepreneur or property owner, the last thing you want is for these pests to ruin your investment.

You might think that termites only infest homes, but that's not the case. Commercial properties are just as vulnerable to termite infestation, if not more. These silent destroyers can go unnoticed for months, leading to extensive damage and costly repairs.

But fear not! With Rubicon pest control, you can protect your commercial property from termites and save yourself a hefty sum of money.

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The people that run and operate Rubicon are some of the finest people I have met. I have never had any problems when working with them. They are quick to respond to my communication and quick to take action.

Tim H.
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Does pest control work? Do I need it?

YES! It works so well, that pest control can fix regulatory issues for many clients. It keeps your clients happy, healthy, and unbothered by any unwanted visitors.

Is pest control safe?

Pest control is very safe. Rubicon professionals use environmentally friendly treatments that not only give you peace of mind when it comes to pests, but also with your personal well-being.

How much does Rubicon pest control cost?

Pest control will have different costs according to the needs of your commercial property, the time/season in the year, and the type of pests you have. Talk to an account manager to map out your needs.