September 14, 2023

Your Electrical Company is Making Mistakes (But we can fix it)

Remodels, construction projects, and new builds all need electrical experts to help with the job (usually in the form of an electrical company). In the USA, there are around 711,200 electricians. With that many professional electrical experts in the electrical services industry, how do you know which ones are the best for your electrical needs? The answer to that question is: quality and accuracy. You need to be sure that any electrical company you use are actually experts at what they are doing.  

But how will you know? After all, you’re not an electrical expert at an electrical company. 

Don’t worry! Rubicon is here to let you know some of the most common mistakes that an electrical company might make, and what we do to avoid these mistakes.  

An electrical company that is making mistakes

Wiring Mistakes  

No matter how experienced or knowledgeable an electrical company electrician might be, wiring mistakes may still happen if you aren’t careful. As a result, you may be damaging your electrical system or causing safety issues. For that reason, it's important to understand common wiring mistakes. You’ll be able to inspect the electrical work to ensure that your electrical system is operational and safe.  

Some of the most common wiring mistakes include:  

  • Incorrectly rated wires — A costly and dangerous mistake is using wires that are not rated for the voltage they need to support. Make sure electricians are using wires that have been tested and approved by the electrical company, used for the correct voltage, and that are up to code. 
  • Reversed polarity — This happens when the hot and neutral wires are connected in reverse or crossed. In most cases, this will not cause any problems, however it can cause a shock hazard if the wiring isn't properly grounded.  
  • Overloading circuits — Overloading occurs when the demand for electricity surpasses the capacity of the circuit. This can result in overheating of wires, which, in turn, poses a significant fire hazard. When wires heat up excessively, the insulation around them can degrade, increasing the risk of short circuits and electrical fires with every incident. This is why it’s crucial to pay attention to the health of your electrical system and address any tripped breaker issues promptly.  

As you can see, with one wiring mistake from an electrical company comes costly repair bills and, in some cases, these mistakes can have dangerous consequences. To be safe, contact Rubicon. Rubicon will get your electrical service right the first time. 

Rubicon: You’re Go-To Electrical Company 

Electricity has revolutionized the way we live and work, becoming an integral part of our modern lifestyle. It is the driving force behind our daily activities. In this world where electrical expertise is paramount, Rubicon stands tall as a beacon of unwavering commitment to safety, quality, and customer satisfaction. We’ve fine-tuned our practices to ensure that your electrical projects are not just executed but elevated to the highest standard: 

  • Precision Equipment Vigilance – Our meticulous approach begins with a comprehensive equipment inspection. Every cord, outlet, switch, and breaker undergo a meticulous examination, leaving no room for compromise. We scrutinize for the faintest signs of wear, ensuring that only up-to-date, fully functional components are integrated into your projects. 
  • Wiring Wisdom at Its Core – For wiring issues, an electrical company's expertise is essential. Wiring lies at the heart of electrical endeavors, and our mastery extends beyond the surface. Rubicon’s adept professionals understand that knowing the voltage and amperage ratings of your equipment is paramount. We leave no detail to chance, referencing device labels and manuals to orchestrate repairs and installations that harmonize with safety and precision. 
  • The Rubicon Double Check – Beyond expertise lies thoroughness – a hallmark of Rubicon’s approach. Prior to energizing your electrical circuits, our diligent double-check protocol comes into play. Every connection is validated, every component validated. Our meticulous process ensures not only seamless functionality, but safeguards against any overlooked nuances.  
  • Empowered by Codes and Regulations – It's not always easy for and electrical company to understand the laws surrounding electrical service. Navigating the labyrinth of building codes and regulations is a Rubicon specialty. Our extensive experience had ingrained in us the significance of compliance.  Every project meticulously aligns with local laws, offering you peace of mind while we craft brilliance within the framework of regulations  
  • Trust Forged Through Excellence – Rubicon isn’t just an electrical company – it’s a testament to trust. Our electricians, as artisans of their craft, channel their extensive training into projects that epitomize safety and finesse. Their dedication to using top-tier materials and embodying professionalism is the bedrock of our service. 

As the seasons change, the demand for electricity can fluctuate due to various factors. In colder months, space heaters become more popular as people seek warmth, and this can lead to an increased load on electrical circuits. Here are some of the things that Rubicon can do to help you prevent overloaded circuits: 

Adding Circuitry  

Adding circuits to your office is a proactive solution to avoid overloaded circuits. By distributing the electrical load across multiple circuits, you can reduce the risk of overloading and tripping breakers. How would you know if you were distributing demand evenly throughout your system? By circuit mapping and panel labeling.  

Circuit Mapping and Panel Labeling  

Mapping out your electrical system and accurately labeling the electrical panel can provide a clear understanding of which outlets are connected to which circuits. Our electricians can label and map out your circuits on a PDF giving you ultimate visibility into exactly which circuits are going where.  This visibility enables you to make informed decisions about where and how to use electrical devices, preventing circuits from being overwhelmed. 


When it comes to addressing these electrical concerns, relying on a team of skilled and knowledgeable electricians is vital. Experienced professionals can not only install new circuits but also ensure that the entire electrical system is up to code and can handle the load. Our expertise minimizes the risk of potential hazards, such as faulty wiring and overloads, which can have severe consequences. 

From routine to remarkable, Rubicon’s electricians are poised to transform your electrical visions into reality. With tapestry of skill that spans routine maintenance to visionary renovations, our technicians embody the very essence of electrical artistry.  

Elevate your expectations. Experience Rubicon — where electrical excellence is our pledge, and your satisfaction is our masterpiece.