March 22, 2023

Planning Your Spring Excavation Project

Planning is key in most things, but never as much as an excavation project. First and foremost, you and your contractor have to be prepared before starting this kind of work. Lack of preparation can lead to costly mistakes and even danger, so make sure you have the right partners before embarking on that spring excavation project. Here are a few tips to make sure the process goes smoothly. 

Large tractor moving dirt on construction excavation site


Just like any construction project, there are steps you need to take to plan for excavation. Do you need a full construction crew or is your project a one or two person job? Regardless of the size, you will need a good survey and grading that studies the site. Grading will cover soil types, distance to structure and the slope of the land being considered. Once these things are established, a design plan can be created for the project that includes schedules, equipment estimates and any permits needed. Here is a great resource for help.

Scope of Work

If you have a larger job, you will want to make sure your contractor has the experience and equipment needed to handle your job. Check them out closely and look for good quality reviews, and make sure they are bonded, licensed and insured before you sign a contract. 

Mistakes at this stage are not only costly but they can affect the entire construction of a project. It is not as simple as it may look and it is a good idea to call in the experts to avoid these costly mistakes. 

Rubicon is here to help you through the entire excavation process. Our skilled service in this area is second to none. We will walk you through every step, and we work closely with our other partners to make sure all of your needs are addressed.

To learn more about how we can help on your spring excavation project in Utah and the Intermountain West, call us today.