March 17, 2021

5 Easy Prep Steps For Commercial Plumbing In Spring

Many times we prepare our business facilities with commercial plumbing for the winter months, but we often overlook spring. It is important, especially when it comes to your plumbing, to be prepared for the tasks that come when things start to bloom. Water demand tends to increase during this time due to landscaping and spring cleaning in the warmer months, so make sure your plumbing is in good shape before you ramp up this springtime ritual.

Check Pipes and Faucets

Check the hardware in the kitchens and bathrooms. Look for signs of seeping, sweating or leaking in sinks and exposed pipes below the sinks. In addition, make sure there are no rusted pipes or excessive wear and tear on the hardware. If you find significant corrosion or damage, consider simple replacements that will save you time and money in the long run. When you are checking faucets, don’t forget to check the faucets and the hoses outside as well. Expansion in hoss due to the warmer temperature can lead to cracking and water loss. 

One occurrence that is often neglected is sweating pipes. This is common in the summer because the water inside the pipe is generally cooler than the outside air and can make your pipes look like they may be leaking. If they are sweating, you are still losing water, so wrapping your pipes, even in the summer, can eliminate any water loss.


Leaking toilets can be costly to your water bill and cause damage overtime to surfaces. Be sure to check your toilets for leaks. If anything is wet, you could have a broken seal or join. Fixing these early will save water and potential repairs down the line to floors. Hiring Rubicon for commercial plumbing means we can take care of the issues, and you wont have to worry about it anymore. The EPA lists some easy ways to test for a leak yourself here.

Irrigation Systems

Closely checking your irrigation system is a great way to avoid cost and frustration at the onset of the season. Make sure your sprinkler heads are not clogged and are free of debris and dirt. If they are clogged it can cause water pressure build up that can put stress on the system’s water main. Be sure to test the system first to make sure all of the sprinkler heads are working properly and there they have not been damaged, and therefore wasting water.

If you do find damaged sprinkler heads it is important to replace them right away. Irrigation systems can get very complicated especially when its for commercial plumbing. If you're looking for the best solution for commercial plumbing, looking into a smart irrigation system can help you save money, time, and resources.

Plumber working to install new lines for commercial plumbing

Water Pressure

Since your business and those around you are using more water during the summer months, it is important to try to avoid peak water ussing times during the day to irrigate especially. These extra usage can create pressure issues that can be avoided by simply looking for different times to use water. If you notice leaking in your landscaping or extended low pressure, it is probably time to call an expert to check it out.

When it comes to preparing for a new season, an ounce of prevention can save both time and money. 

Call the Experts For Commercial Plumbing

If you need help with preventative maintenance, you might look for a facility management expert for advice. Rubicon has emergency plumbers on staff and on standby to respond quickly to your commercial plumbing needs in Utah and the Intermountain West. Give us a call.