Prepping Your Property's Pool


Spring is just around the corner. With the melting of snow and warming of temperatures, it’s almost time to start thinking about preparing your summer facilities for guests. If you own or operate a commercial property and have an indoor or outdoor swimming pool, these swimming pool prep tips are for you. Pools require a lot of attention to get back in shape for use in the summer. Here is a checklist to help get you started.

De-Winterize Pumps & Water Treatment Equipment

Since we encourage our clients to winterize pool equipment, it’s important to do the reverse. Remove any foam insulation or coverings from your pool pump. If you use a freeze protector water circulation device, turn it off. You may also need to run water through the lines of your pumps if you emptied them prior to winter.

Consider a Conversion

This is also a good time to consider an upgrade to your pool pump or filter system. Have you always wanted to offer a saltwater pool to reduce the use of chlorine? Now would be a good time before bringing your pool pump back online to get a quote on a swimming pool conversion.


Not only is it important to remove coverings if you have covered up your swimming pools, but it’s also important to make sure that all debris is removed from the pool areas. Consider pressure washing the surfaces near your pool to make it look better and safer for any guests.

Insurance Compliance

Before guests start returning to your swimming pools, consider your commercial liability. Were any signs damaged during the winter that need to be replaced? If you have life-saving equipment at the pool like hooks or foam rings, make sure that they were not damaged during the winter and replace them if needed.

We hope these tips are helpful as you get your swimming pools ready for summer fun with spring just around the corner. Contact Rubicon Contractors if we can help in any way. Remember, Rubicon Contractors is a licensed contractor serving the Intermountain West and beyond with a variety of facility management, construction, and trade services.