Rubicon is the go-to facility service partner for all things interior and exterior. Keeping your property in tip-top shape is critical for you, the owners, and us. Let’s get you what you need, when you need it. There is strength in flexibility.



It’s simple. We’ll walk your property with you, identifying the services you need most. We’ll provide you with an hourly rate and agree upon hours per month for your priority services.

Priority services are your core services that we commit to completing monthly.

Yes! If you need more attention to something else we can adjust which services are a priority, being flexible when it comes to what your schedule and property needs at the time. No extra charges, no hassle.

Not a problem. If you need more done in addition to your priority services, the hourly rate will be $52 an hour. That’s it. Let us know what you need and we’ll get it done.

Absolutely! We’d love to partner with you, as we value long-term relationships. Complete the form on this page, and we’ll discuss the best available hourly rate for your required services.

We’ll walk your property monthly, gaining insight on how to best provide for your property. We’ll provide a written report of services rendered and considerations you may need to budget for.


Your Priority Services Will Be Chosen from These Simplified Services

Weed Control
Hand Tilling
Shrub/Perennial Trimming
Watering Flowers & Plants
Weekly Irrigation Check
Day Portering
Leaf Cleanup
Window Cleaning (ground level)
Window Mullions (ground level)
Power Washing
Hand Sweeping
Parking Lot Cleaning
Drains & Gutter Cleaning

If you want a successful partnership, you need communication and transparency—two of Rubicon’s core values. Learn more about our approach by speaking with us. Complete the form and we’ll be in touch.

“Rubicon is efficient and completes projects on schedule and within budget.”

“Rubicon makes my job easier because of their communication, pricing, and ability to be on time.”

Never Take On Difficulty Again

Rubicon has created a simple approach at a remarkable rate to give you flexibility. Exterior maintenance is now less of a headache, with a plan that’s simply made to work in your favor. Connect with us to learn more and schedule a time for us to walk your property and provide you with a simple, on-the-spot estimate.