January 10, 2022

2022 Commercial Design Trends

2022 is an exciting time for businesses and for commercial design. Growth is still projected in commercial construction versus 2019. There are some trends we are already seeing in the market for commercial construction to keep in mind.

Remote Meeting Space

When designing a commercial facility for remote meetings, it is important to consider the types of technology that will be used and the environment that will best accommodate them. First, the space should be able to easily connect with audio-visual equipment such as projectors, televisions, and speakers. This can be achieved by having plenty of electrical outlets and/or wireless connections available throughout the room. Additionally, internet access should also be provided in order to ensure smooth communication between participants.

The layout of the furniture should also take into account any technological needs for remote meetings. For example, having tables and chairs arranged in a circle or other formation makes it easier for everyone in attendance to see each other's screens clearly. Furthermore, ensuring that all necessary technology is easily accessible and within arm's reach of each participant can help to encourage collaboration throughout the meeting.

The commercial design of the facility should also take into account physical comfort, especially for those who will be attending online meetings for extended periods of time. Providing ergonomic chairs with adjustable seat heights and back supports, as well as adequate lighting that eliminates glare on computer screens, can help to ensure optimal comfort. Additionally, keeping the temperature at a comfortable level and providing ample access to refreshments will help participants remain alert and engaged in remote meetings.

Overall, designing a commercial facility for remote meetings takes into consideration both technology needs and physical comfort in order to create an environment where everyone feels supported and able to collaborate effectively.

Here's some great tips for your remote meeting from Harvard Business Review.

Ventilation in Commercial Design

This may be your biggest opportunity in 2022 to make your tenants, employees, and customers feel safer. Consider the type of ventilation you are installing in your building. In the past, only hospitals considered technology like whole-building filtration or UV-filtration. These types of technologies are more and more in-demand for any commercial building to help keep the air cleaner.

Good ventilation is an important aspect of any commercial design. Proper ventilation helps to keep pollutants like dust, dirt, and other allergens out of the air. It also helps to regulate the temperature and humidity levels in a space. This can help make it more comfortable for occupants, as well as helping to reduce mold growth and improve indoor air quality.

By investing in proper ventilation for your commercial property, you can ensure your tenants are breathing fresh air that's free of harmful particles and contaminants. Healthy air circulation will also prolong the life of certain materials within your building due to reduced condensation or moisture problems. Overall, proper ventilation is essential for creating a safe and pleasant environment for everyone living or working in your commercial space.

When designing the ventilation system of your commercial property, it’s important to consider both the size of the space and how well it's insulated. Different methods for air circulation may be appropriate depending on the commercial design goals or building use. For example, natural ventilation is often used in larger buildings with high ceilings that are located in areas with moderate climates.

Meanwhile, mechanical systems like cooling towers and exhaust fans are typically more effective in small spaces or areas where temperature control is essential. Consulting an experienced architect or engineer can help you determine which type of ventilation system is best for your commercial property.

Large, new modern commercial design building with cloudy sky

Built-In Amenities

From cafeterias to ping-pong tables, businesses are pulling out all the stops in 2022 to make working in-person more appealing. Retail and live-in spaces can also benefit from built-in amenities. Consider other amenities like fitness centers, accessible bottled water fillers, extra storage, etc. It’s not even out of the ordinary to see a commercial client requesting things like saunas, swimming pools, and other resort-like amenities. Think outside of the box with your commercial design in 2022.

By including amenities such as high-speed internet, efficient heating and cooling systems, comfortable interiors, upgraded restrooms, and modern security systems, you can attract more people to your property and create an inviting environment for tenants or customers. High-speed internet will make working in the property easier while upgraded heating and cooling systems can help maintain comfort even during extreme temperatures.

Comfort features such as ergonomic furniture and adjustable lighting can make the space more pleasant for employees or customers. Modern restrooms with attractive fixtures are also desirable for any commercial design.

Finally, an up-to date security system with cameras, alarms, motion sensors, and other features can help keep the property safe and secure. By including these amenities in your commercial design, you can create a more inviting space that is attractive to tenants or customers.

Green Spaces

Consider integrating green space into your floor plan. Many businesses are trying to make working on an office building more desirable versus working at home. Creating a “green” or lush environment can help give you a competitive edge in terms of building commercial design and layout.

When it comes to designing green spaces on commercial properties, the possibilities are endless. There are many ways to create areas that provide environmental benefits while also being beautiful and functional. Some great ideas for green spaces on commercial property include vertical gardens, urban orchards, living walls, rooftop terraces, outdoor seating areas with native plantings, green roofs, rain gardens, courtyard gardens, edible landscaping for public use and wetlands restoration.

No matter the size of your commercial property or available space there is a way to commercial design a beautiful outdoor area that is both environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. For larger properties you can look into incorporating different elements such as walking paths with native plants or even water features. For smaller properties adding greenery in the form of vertical gardens or living walls can bring life and color to any space.

As we get back to normal in 2022, it’s important to stay up with the latest trends. If you’d like to talk about a commercial construction project, Rubicon would love to help.

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