2022 Commercial Design Trends
2022 is an exciting time for businesses and for commercial design. Growth is still projected in commercial construction versus 2019. There are some trends we are already seeing in the market for commercial construction to keep in mind. Remote Meeting Space When designing a commercial facility for remote meetings, it is important to consider the […]
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3 Ways a Construction Consultant Saves You Money
Finding the right support and the right team is critical in commercial design. When you hire a design and construction consultant, they should represent you and your business from the very start. Look for a company that places an emphasis on designing to your vision and specifications. Here’s how to get started. More than Construction […]
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How Value Engineering Can Save Money in 3 Ways
Hiring a general contractor with expertise in value engineering can save your company money while still achieving your desired end goal. Experienced general contractors or design and construction consultants can offer creative, out-of-the-box solutions to maximize your budget while addressing your specific needs. You can maximize the impact of value engineering efforts on your next […]
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