November 28, 2023

Map Out Your 2024 Irrigation Success

2024 landscaping season is coming up quickly. Are you ready to start up your irrigation system? Rubicon’s irrigation experts can ensure that your property is positioned to have a successful landscaping season. Here’s what Rubicon can do for you:  

Proper Installation 

If you own commercial property, you know how important it is to maintain its curb appeal. A well-maintained and attractive exterior can attract more customers and increase their satisfaction with your brand. While there are many ways to enhance the appearance of your property, one essential aspect that often gets overlooked is irrigation. 

Yes, that's right. You might be thinking, "Why do I need to worry about watering my plants and lawn? Can't I just let nature do its job?" Well, the truth is that nature can't always keep up with your property's needs, especially if you have a large or busy commercial space. 

Between the hot summer months and any potential droughts, your plants and lawn can quickly dry out and start to look dull. And let's not forget those pesky insects that can easily destroy your property's greenery if they don't get enough water. 

By installing a proper irrigation system on your commercial property, you ensure that all of your plants and lawn receive the necessary amount of water to stay healthy and vibrant. Plus, you can program the system to only water your property when needed, which means no more wasted water or high utility bills. 

Don't let your exterior become an afterthought; make it a priority. After all, as they say, "Out of sight is out of mind," but not when it comes to your business's success!  

Irrigation Repair 

Irrigation is like the unsung hero of commercial properties. You hardly notice it's there, until something goes wrong, and chaos ensues.  

The benefits of irrigation repair go beyond just financial savings. Well-maintained systems also contribute to a healthier and more sustainable environment. By using water efficiently, you're not only reducing waste but also conserving a precious resource. 

Irrigation systems can be complex, with various components that work together to keep your landscape watered efficiently. That's why it's important to call the Rubicon professionals who offer comprehensive solutions for all types of issues. 

Whether it's a broken sprinkler head, a damaged pipe, or a faulty controller, Rubicon professionals will be able to handle it all. This saves you time and money in the long run by avoiding the need to fix things when the problem gets worse.  

Don't Forget About Maintenance 

If you're on a commercial property that needs irrigation, your first call should be to Rubicon! They'll be able to keep your lawn looking lush, your flowers flourishing, and your trees towering. Here are some things you should be on the lookout for to make sure your system is running smoothly. 

First and foremost, keep an eye on those sprinkler heads. Make sure they're not clogged with debris or damaged in any way. If you notice any issues, get them fixed as soon as possible before it turns into a bigger problem. Trust us, you don't want your system to be shooting water like a fountain in the middle of your property. 

Another thing to keep an eye on is the watering schedule. You might think that once a day is enough, but it really depends on your plants and their specific needs. Some plants need more frequent watering, while others can survive with less. If you notice any wilting or brown spots, it might be a sign that your plants aren't getting enough water. Adjust the schedule accordingly to keep them happy and healthy. 

Just like every other system in your property, irrigation needs some TLC too. Check for leaks, replace worn-out parts, and clean out filters regularly. This will not only keep your irrigation running smoothly, but it'll also save you from costly repairs down the line. Rubicon can also help you to set up a routine assessment. Call us today! 


While a green property is great, it’s also important to monitor how much water you are using. Conservation is an essential aspect to irrigation. After all, you don’t want to waste water. There are so many benefits to conservation for irrigation. First, watering your property too much isn’t good for the plants. Second, you save money when you save water. And last, saving water is good for the environment.  

To understand why overwatering is a bad idea for your commercial property, you must first know what happens when you do so. When a plant is overwatered, its roots become waterlogged. This excess moisture prevents oxygen from reaching the roots, which eventually leads to root rot. As a result, the plant becomes weak and susceptible to diseases and pests. In severe cases, an overwatered plant may even die. 

Every time you turn on your irrigation system, you're using gallons upon gallons of water. And with water becoming a scarce resource, the cost of it is only going up. But by using less water for irrigation, not only are you being environmentally conscious, but you're also reducing your expenses. It’s aways a good idea to save money!  

Lastly, with a good irrigation system, you’ll be a steward of one of our most important resources: water. Water is vital for the survival of all life, and we need to ensure that all life has access to clean and healthy water. Conservation should be central to your irrigation efforts. Thousands of gallons of water could be saved if you work with Rubicon and take the extra time to understand exactly how much water your property needs.  

Smart Irrigation 

Smart Irrigation is a solution that you may not have thought of but may be able to save you thousands of dollars and possibly millions of gallons of water. Smart Irrigation uses smart technology to ensure your plants get the proper irrigation at each point in the season.  

Smart irrigation goes beyond traditional methods of watering plants. It utilizes technology and data to efficiently water landscapes while minimizing waste. By incorporating weather forecasts, soil moisture sensors, and other environmental data, smart irrigation systems can adjust watering schedules and amounts to best suit the specific needs of your property. 

When you want to get serious about your irrigation, call Rubicon for more information about smart irrigation.