October 27, 2021

4 Easy Commercial Roof Contractor Winter Prep Tips

When it comes to winterizing your buildings, plumbing and irrigation systems, some things are top of mind. Commercial roof contractors want you to know, there are other important considerations too, like your roof. Your roof is one of the most important tools in keeping your building safe year-round. Here are some tips for preparing and inspecting your roofs to be ready for the coming Winter no matter the size or roof type of your commercial buildings.

Commercial roof contractor spraying a protective coating on top of an industrial or commercial roof

Hire A Commercial Roof Contractor To Check:

1. Gutters and Eaves

It’s important to check your gutters and eaves. Have any critters made a nest in your gutters over the Summer and Fall? Your gutters need to be clear of debris because snow can wreak havoc if not. And when snow melts, you want it to have a place to runoff safely.

2. Check Shingles

Make sure there are no loose-fitting shingles or any major cracks running along your roof. Please have a roofing specialist give your roof a once-over before the Season changes. A roof inspection can be crucial in preventing a winter moisture leak at residential or commercial buildings. A leak during winter can be a easy fix for any qualified commercial roof contractor, but if it is not addressed, the leak could create the conditions for a hidden mold build up when the seasons change. This common mistake could lead to some injury or illness to anyone exposed.

3. Roof Replacement

Have you been considering a roof replacement but put it off on any of your buildings? Now is a good time to be proactive and consider replacing aging roofs before snow or ice piles on top. While roofs can be an inexpensive investment, they are crucial in keeping other parts of your operations safe and protecting your assets.

4. Inspecting Attics and Insulation

There is more to the story than just the outside of your roof. How is your insulation holding up? Is it ready to protect your customer’s or tenants during Winter? Did you know that replacing or updating your insulation can actually reduce your energy or carrying costs on commercial properties significantly?

Selecting A Qualified Commercial Roof Contractor

If the above seems daunting, call a trusted partner like Rubicon Construction. We can help you with this type of preventative maintenance and provide skilled tradesmen if you need any roofing work done before Winter. Rubicon offers a wide array of contractor services from interior and exterior clean up, snow removal, electrical and lighting, drywall and much more.

If you're looking for some of these services from qualified trades personnel, but it may not be exclusively in the budget, check out our simplified services. These limited services can cover your top limited priorities but at a much more manageable flat rate. Selecting a commercial roof contractor during the dry seasons might be just the proactive measure you need to simplify, what could be, a much more costly expense down the road.