May 6, 2021

4 Great Summer Facility Coordinator Steps

It is time to talk about facility coordinator routine maintenance again, but this time for the summer. The hot temperatures make room for a whole new set of issues that your facility could face. Starting now will help you avoid any pitfalls that may arise later. 

Inspect It

Facility coordinator using iPad to track progress of project

Start facility coordinator duties by inspecting the exterior of all buildings for any loose siding or rotting. As you are performing your inspection, look for cracks in the foundation or the structure of the buildings. Make sure you call an expert if you find problems so that they do not become major disasters. Don’t forget your grounds inspection as well. Check sprinkler heads and fencing for any damage when you do your walk throughs. 

Repair It

Summer time is a great time to take advantage of the warm temperatures and focus on repairs in paint, broken sprinkler heads or cracks in sidewalks. These simple repairs can improve the appearance of the overall facility and also ward off any potential dangers they may cause down the road. 

Service It

Have the HVAC systems checked out thoroughly before summer is in full swing. Regular maintenance of your units can prevent major issues in the future, and can also save on your monthly bills. This is one of the single most important checks to do before the summer. Simple fixes found in routine maintenance can prevent costly replacements that might result if not checked thoroughly. 

Clean It

A quick power wash of the siding and brick can help remove any residue left from dirt and mother nature and reveal any issues that may be lying underneath, but don’t stop there. Clean out gutters and faucet traps early to make sure you remove any debris. Once you’ve cleaned the exterior of the facility, including doors and windows, make sure to reseal and re-caulk any problem areas. 

Call the Experts For Additional Assistance With Facility Coordinator Duties

Rubicon is ready to help with the preventative maintenance of your facility. We specialize in facility coordinator tasks and would be glad to walk you through the process.