September 18, 2020

6 Bold General Contractor Traits With Worth

You might need a general contractor; and if you are planning a commercial construction project, you have undoubtedly spent numerous hours researching general contractors, reviewing their portfolios, and contacting their references. There are a few key skills and traits you should expect from your general contractor in order to complete your project on time and within budget. When reviewing your bids and making your final selection, consider their strength in the following to ensure you have the best experience possible.

Strong Management Skills

Your general contractor will ultimately be the manager of your project budget, timeline, and all trade partners or subcontractors involved. Strong management skills are crucial for any large-scale project—from time management, budget management, and people management. Planning and leadership are paramount skills to observe.

An Experienced Team of Trade Partners

Construction workers and a general contractor on a sunny day standing next to large cement mixer truck practicing construction safety

Look for a general contractor with a consistent, experienced team of trade partners. Unreliable subcontractors are where many construction and renovation projects go off the rails and end up late and overbudget. As opposed to unpredictable one-time subcontractors, trade partners have a proven track record with your general contractor. You should be able to rely on them to show up on time and within budget and your general contractor should have a strong relationship with them to ensure your entire project is executed smoothly and seamlessly.

Problem Solving

Your general contractor should be skilled at not only solving problems but also pre-empting them. An experienced professional will have the expertise necessary to foresee potential pitfalls and obstacles in order to save you time and money.


If you have ever been involved with a construction project, you know that delays and budgetary changes that are beyond your general contractor’s control, including delivery or weather issues, sometimes happen. When these concerns arise, you should expect clear communication as soon as the contractor knows there is an issue. At Rubicon, we are committed to communicating any issues or concerns early and often so that you are informed every step of the way and we can ultimately minimize the impact on your budget and timeline.

Local Expertise

Your general contractor should be well versed in your local government permitting processes and construction regulations. They should be able to not only secure building permits, but also facilitate the more complex development services of entitlement, utilities, and roads.


It is so common for general contractors to be unreliable that it has become a cliche that construction projects are over budget and late. Whether you are tackling a new construction project or renovation, you should expect your contractor to be dependable, reliable, and communicate clearly when there is any deviation from the original timeline or budget.

At Rubicon, we believe in setting clear expectations and delivering on our commitments. Actions, Not Words is what we live by. If you are interested in discussing your new construction, tenant improvement, or facility management project, reach out to us. We know choosing a general contractor is a big decision and we are well prepared to help your cross your own Rubicon River and conquer any obstacle in your path.