November 18, 2020

Avoiding Potential Pitfalls in New Construction

New construction can certainly have its challenges, but knowing what to look for and how to plan will help you avoid any potential pitfalls that may come your way. There are several key elements to consider when starting a new construction project, and being aware of the importance of each one is a step in the right direction.

Rubicon can help walk you through the entire new construction process to make sure all of the bases are covered at the onset of your project.


The details of any construction project are the single most important element to take into consideration. When choosing a general contractor, it is critical that your construction partner becomes intimately familiar with all of the details of your project. Planning on the front side for every detail is one of the keys to avoiding mishaps down the road. It’s vital that you hire a construction company that takes the time to walk you through every possible detail on each job.

From permitting and entitlement of the land to rezoning, having a seasoned general contractor who can help facilitate the development of each project from start to finish will help you to avoid costly mistakes and oversights. The details are where you want your construction partner, and more specifically your project manager, to shine.

When the project leaders focus on the details, they don't leave safety out of the equation. Legal requirements are absolutely essential, and compliance will make or break your new construction plans. You can be sure that you're getting good leaders in who you hire, when they are compliant with OSHA standards of safety.


Do your homework to ensure you have a good partner. Choosing the right general contractor is a big decision, make sure you find the right partner for your particular project. Talk to others in your market before starting the process. Building is a personal process, even for commercial construction projects. Ask any potential construction partner for references before starting your job. Good, reputable partners will be happy to provide this information.

Workers inspection job site for new construction with a building contractor

Knowledge and Experience With New Construction

Many of the pitfalls that come with new construction lie in the lack of knowledge and experience of the general contractor. Understanding the construction process and the needs that can arise in any given industry are critical. At Rubicon, we take pride in offering the experience and knowledge you need and deserve. Our construction professionals are skilled, trained and experienced with a relentless dedication to making sure the job is done right every single time. We can handle all commercial construction, big and small, up to 100,000 square feet, including building to suit all of your needs.


You will hear us say it time and again, but communication is really key in making sure that your needs are both understood and met. A breakdown in communication can quickly change the course of a project and be very costly. Rubicon communicates issues and concerns clearly and quickly so you know exactly where your project stands every step of the way. Each and every part of our Rubicon team knows that communicating clearly and honestly is nonnegotiable—with our customers, with our trade partners and with each other.

Many people fall victim to the pitfalls of new construction simply because they do not know the elements to look for when selecting a general contractor. The relationship between the client and the construction partner is so important because the end result is quite permanent. Trust and transparency, along with experience and attention to detail can make all of the difference.

If you'd like an expert to walk you through the commercial construction process to avoid these potential pitfalls, reach out to us to speak with a seasoned project manager.