June 15, 2023

Summer Water Usage

With fewer people working from home these days, and more people out shopping and traveling, summertime can lead to an increase in commercial building water use. This is a time of year for businesses and commercial property owners to check how much water they use and if upgrades could help conserve water. Here are some ideas from Smart Rain that you, as a business owner or property manager, can explore to see if upgrades can be made to help conserve water.


Lawn sprinklers spraying a large amount of water on a commercial landscaped area where we can measure water usage

Maintaining landscapes is vital to keeping bottom-line costs low. To help with water conservation, businesses should think about their water usage by installing an optimized irrigation system that prevents over-watering using a water management controller. This can prevent over-watering by up to 30 percent! Using smart sensors in your landscaping would prevent lawn sprinklers from turning on when it senses moisture or rain in your area. Also, think about having native or drought-resistant plants planted to reduce water usage while staying green. Remember, these simple, effective changes not only save water usage but save lots of money in the long term.

Inside Your Business

You might not think about it depending on the type of commercial building you have, but traffic through your building can mean high water usage. Whether you have bathrooms or a restaurant with dishwashers, saving water at any juncture of your operation will mean saving money. For instance, check for leaks in all parts of your building that use water. Leaky faucets with small drips can add up to big costs and wasted water quicker than you think. Replacing old plumbing or updating toilets with more efficient models can also equate to huge cost savings. Don’t forget to think about installing hand-motion-activated faucets in restrooms. This will prevent someone from using the faucet and leaving it running without you knowing.


If your business doesn’t have the time or the knowledge to make these upgrades, always remember Rubicon's facility management service. Rubicon has experts that can advise and complete any job from smart irrigation systems to facility plumbing upgrades to help you do your part to conserve water while saving money.