June 29, 2023

4 Incredible Commercial Snow Plowing Facts

Commercial snow plowing is essential for businesses in the winter months. With heavy amounts of snowfall and icy roads, it's important to ensure that parking lots and other areas are clear of debris for both customers' safety and convenience.

For businesses, having a professional snow plowing service, such as Rubicon, can make all the difference in running an efficient operation during harsh winter weather. Let’s take an in-depth look at commercial snow plowing services and why they are necessary for any business operating in cold climates.

We'll discuss the benefits of hiring a professional team, like Rubicon, to manage your company's needs as well as some tips on finding the right provider.

Here are 4 facts about commercial snow plowing that you won’t want to forget.


Commercial snow plowing is a necessary service for many businesses located in areas with cold weather climates. It helps to ensure the safety of both customers and employees as they enter and exit the premises. Snow can cause slippery surfaces, leading to slips and falls that result in injuries to those on your property.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 25,000 people suffer from winter-related slip and fall accidents each year in the United States alone. By having a commercial property regularly serviced by a professional snowplow company, such as Rubicon, you can reduce the risk of someone getting injured onsite due to snowy or icy conditions.

Additionally, Rubicon offers services such as de-icing to further reduce the chances of slips and falls. Investing in a professional snow plowing service can help keep your business safe and provide peace of mind for you and your customers. 

It is important to understand the risks associated with snow and ice and take the necessary steps to protect your business. Investing in professional commercial snow plowing services can help keep your business safe and operational during harsh winter weather conditions.

Large commercial snow removal plow moving snow off roadway for commercial snow plowing

Cost Savings

Commercial snow plowing can be a great way to save your company money. With the right service provider, you can keep your business operations running smoothly without having to worry about hiring staff to take care of shoveling or snow blower maintenance. Since Rubicon has all the necessary equipment and manpower to handle large amounts of snow, the cost of hiring them is often lower than if you were to hire multiple employees for the same job.

Furthermore, with regular contracts that can be tailored to suit your needs, you’ll always know exactly how much you’re going to pay for each season—and a reliable contractor will make sure they deliver on time and at an affordable rate.

This means no surprises when it comes time to budget for the upcoming season, and no extra costs should things go wrong. All in all, commercial snow plowing can be a great way to save your company money.

The winter months can bring difficult weather conditions to businesses, making it hard to keep their outdoor areas clear of snow and ice. Commercial snow plowing from Rubicon can be a cost-effective solution for business owners looking to reduce the risks associated with icy pavements and other winter hazards.

With commercial snow plowing services, property owners can have access to reliable and timely removal of accumulated snow from their premises. This not only reduces the risk of slips and falls on icy surfaces but also helps maintain safety in parking lots, garages, and driveways.

Additionally, professional commercial snow plowing can save companies time and money by preventing costly delays due to hazardous winter conditions. Having a dependable team on standby for heavier storms means businesses won’t need hire your own team.

By investing in professional commercial snow plowing services from Rubicon, companies can save money while also ensuring safety and accessibility on their premises during the winter months.

Investing in reliable and timely removal of accumulated snow from your business premises is a cost-effective solution that will protect both employees and customers alike from icy pavements and other hazardous winter conditions.

Amazing Customer Experience

Commercial snow plowing provides businesses with a unique opportunity to enhance customer experience. It can be seen as an added value option for customers, allowing them to access services or products even during harsh weather conditions.

Not only does it make it safer and easier for customers to access the business, but it also presents an opportunity for businesses to show that they are willing to go the extra mile in providing exceptional service. 

Additionally, commercial snow plowing can help maintain the health and safety of both employees and customers on premises by clearing pathways from hazardous accumulation of snow. Which reduces the risk of liability.

Furthermore, businesses can benefit from professionally maintained parking lots which are free from ice, potholes, and curbside clutter - further improving accessibility for customers or visitors who may have limited mobility.

With Rubicon, businesses can provide a well-maintained environment that customers will appreciate and remember. Ultimately, investing in commercial snow plowing is an excellent way to ensure customer satisfaction and leave a lasting impression.

Peace of Mind

Commercial snow plowing can be an invaluable asset towards providing peace of mind when the winter months arrive. Rubicon is equipped with the right tools to remove any accumulation of snow quickly and safely. They understand how to work properly to ensure that roads, sidewalks, and other areas remain safe for people who may be walking or driving on them.

With commercial snow plowing services, businesses can rest assured knowing their property is well taken care of during the snowy season. In addition to reducing safety hazards, commercial snow plowing can also help preserve landscaping investments in both residential and commercial properties.

By clearing away excess ice and snow that accumulates over time, regular professional snow removal services can help protect shrubs, trees, plants, and other landscaping features from sustaining damage due to cold weather. All in all, commercial snow plowing provides much-need peace of mind during the winter months.

It ensures safety for everyone by reducing potential hazards, and it helps preserve investments like landscaping that can be damaged over time if not taken care of properly. With Rubicon, businesses can enjoy a worry-free winter season.


It’s a no brainer! When it comes to the safety, savings, customers experience, and peace of mind, commercial snow plowing with Rubicon is a must. We are always looking to help businesses just like yours get the care that you need. We put care and attention into all that we do.

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