February 4, 2023

Tree Care in Landscaping for a Stellar Commercial Property

Tree care on a commercial landscaping can be an asset to your landscape. Trees provide aesthetic appeal, color, and shade in the warmer months. They also break up large expanses of lawn or paved space, making the area more inviting. Not only do trees offer these benefits to a commercial property’s appearance, but they also make it more valuable due to their natural cooling effects that reduce energy consumption costs. In addition, the right types of trees can help improve air quality and lower noise levels in the surrounding environment.

Investing in trees for your commercial property is not only beneficial aesthetically but environmentally as well. This can make your property not only more attractive, but also a healthier and more desirable place to work. With proper care and maintenance, trees can be a great asset to any commercial property. 

Picking a Tree for Your Property

When selecting a tree for your commercial property, it is important to consider the landscape, lawn size and the goal of the overall design. For instance, trees can be used to create shade or act as windbreaks; they can also provide visual interest and add color to an otherwise dull area.  

Think about how you want your commercial property's landscaping to look like and make sure that you pick a tree that will not just grow too large for its surroundings but will also enhance the overall atmosphere. Trees come in all shapes and sizes, so take some time to browse different varieties and decide which one would fit best with the existing landscape.  

Also pay attention to factors such as soil conditions, local climate and sunlight exposure when picking out a tree. These factors play a vital role in the tree's growth and can determine things like its size, shape, and rate of growth. Make sure to consult with an arborist or a landscaping professional to help you choose the right trees for your commercial property. 

Planting Your Trees

Before planting, it is important to research suitable trees for the area and ensure that their root systems will not interfere with any underground infrastructure. It is also advisable to consider the size and shape of the tree when selecting one for commercial property, as this can help determine how much space it will require.

Furthermore, soil preparation should be done beforehand to create optimal growing conditions for your tree. Once planted, regular watering and maintenance are needed to ensure it continues to thrive for proper tree care.  

Before digging a hole for your tree, there are several things to consider. Firstly, the location of the hole should be carefully planned and researched. Consider the current landscape, whether it is in a residential lawn or a commercial property; what is around it, such as other trees or structures; and whether the soil will be able to support the tree’s growth over time. Secondly, make sure to measure twice before cutting once so that you know exactly how deep and wide you need to dig the hole (here's some tips for digging for your tree)

Finally, use caution when digging deep holes for tree care with large machinery as this can cause damage to existing structures or utilities. With these considerations in mind, you will have a better chance of planting your tree successfully. For more information on excavation projects, check out this blog post. 

Tree Care for Your New Tree

A close up of a pair of pruning shears cutting off a small branch for tree care

Tree care in your landscape or lawn, or even on commercial property is an important job that requires regular maintenance. Pruning and trimming are two critical activities to maintain the health of your trees and ensure they look their best. Pruning involves removing dead or diseased branches, while trimming is used to shape the tree and control its growth. Using sharp tools such as shears, pruners, saws, and loppers will help keep your tree in good condition over time for good tree care practice.

Additionally, fertilizing your trees with an appropriate fertilizer according to the type of tree will help promote strong growth. In some cases, pest control may also be necessary to protect against damage from insects or other animals.

Finally, watering regularly is important to ensure your tree is getting the necessary moisture it needs to grow and thrive. With proper tree care and landscaping maintenance, your tree can be an attractive addition to any landscape or property!  

Once you have established a regular maintenance routine, it is important to continue following it to keep your trees healthy. Inspecting for signs of disease or damage will help you identify any potential problems early on, letting you act before they become serious issues. Additionally, removing any dead branches as soon as possible can prevent further spread of decay or infestation.

Taking these steps will not only protect the investment you have made in your trees but also keep them looking beautiful for years to come. Proper tree maintenance is essential for preserving a beautiful landscape or lawn.  

If you need help maintaining your trees, you can always reach out to a local tree care specialist who can provide advice and assistance in caring for your trees. Call Rubicon for professional tree care help. We can also give you tips on how to care for them in the future so that they remain healthy and attractive. With our expertise and experience, we will be able to guide you in the best possible way to ensure that your trees stay strong and vibrant for years to come!  

Having a tree on your commercial property is an excellent way to add beauty and visual interest to the landscaping. Tree care can also provide shade for your lawn, helping to reduce water loss from evaporation and keeping it cooler in the summer months. This, in turn, can lead to increased employee satisfaction and reduce energy costs for your facility.

Additionally, having trees on our commercial properties helps reduce air pollution which improves overall public health and quality of life. With all these benefits, there is no doubt that having a tree on your commercial property should be seriously considered by any business owner. Find out how Rubicon can take care of all your commercial tree care needs. Contact us today.