February 9, 2021

3 Best Reasons to Hire a Great Facility Manager

As a property owner or property manager, you almost certainly find yourself wearing many different hats in the day-to-day operation of your facility. There are a wide variety of ways you can benefit from contracting out to a great facility manager, whether you choose to have a dedicated facility manager or hire for only specific trade services to fill the gaps in your existing team.

Our facility management share their top three reasons for hiring a great facility manager or facility management team.

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A Great Facility Manager Will Lighten Your Daily Workload

A great facility manager and the management team can reduce the daily workload of your team by providing services to fill the gaps where needed. Many find that day portering, parking lot sweeping, janitorial services, and landscaping help to take the burden off of their team. Contracting these services to experienced professionals often also results in a more manicured exterior and more sanitary, sparkling interior. Whether you own a freestanding office building, industrial complex, retail shopping center, multi-family unit, resort facility, or anything in between, these daily changes can make a big impact on employee morale and customer perception.

Increase Efficiency and Faster Emergency Repairs

Time and the daily operation of a business takes its toll on even the best-built buildings. Whether your facility is brand new or has seen better days, a seasoned facility management team is key to operating more safely, efficiently and with less downtime. And when things break—because they will—having a great facility manager also means you will have quicker and more seamless access to emergency services like emergency plumbing, roofing, or HVAC repairs. And we all know that faster repairs mean you can get back to business faster.

Improve Maintenance and Prevent Future Issues

Having a dedicated facility manager who is familiar with your commercial property regularly inspect and maintain your property will save you money and future headaches. Too often business owners and property managers are left with the task of not only running the business, but also maintaining the facility. Without having someone who is dedicated to the maintenance and upkeep of the actual physical property, important maintenance can be missed, resulting in much bigger problems and more costly damage down the road. 

If you’re operating on a lean team and need help with preventative maintenance, day-to-day upkeep or emergency repairs, it may be time to call in a facility management expert. Ready to find out how one of our dedicated facility managers can save you time, money and frustration? Let’s talk.