January 31, 2021

Top 3 Winter Property Supervisor Tips

Cold temperatures and winter storms can severely damage your commercial property if it is unprepared, as a property supervisor you need to be ready. An experienced facility management team can take the guesswork out of keeping your facilities in tip top shape during the winter months.

Taking these three winter facility management steps can save time and money.

Regularly Inspect As a Property Supervisor

Recently-plowed parking lot with several cars inspected by a property supervisor

One of the most important components of winter facility management is regular inspections of your commercial property. As a property supervisor catching damage, leaks, or potential winter weather issues early is important to saving time and money. Hiring a knowledgeable, dedicated facility manager who is familiar with all aspects of your commercial property will allow you to quickly identify any small issues before they become big ones. 

Maintain Your Furnace

Have your facility management team perform regular maintenance and tune ups on your boiler or furnace. Even if your commercial property is vacant, it’s important to leave your building’s heating system on at least a low setting during the winter to prevent frozen and broken pipes that can result in extensive damage and costly repairs.

Prevent Pipes from Freezing

Dipping temperatures mean it’s time for some preventative maintenance to keep your pipes from freezing. A good facility manager takes the time to understand your plumbing system and identify the pipes most vulnerable to bursting. Before freezing temperatures hit, wrap and insulate your pipes, check to be sure shutoff valves are operating properly, relieve pressure by running a faucet on a slow drip and check to be sure your irrigation system has been properly winterized. Here is some info about it.

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