May 11, 2021

3 Ways a Construction Consultant Saves You Money

Finding the right support and the right team is critical in commercial design. When you hire a design and construction consultant, they should represent you and your business from the very start. Look for a company that places an emphasis on designing to your vision and specifications. Here’s how to get started.

More than Construction Consulting

Plain and simple, a construction consultant should function as your advisor. When you hire a construction consultant, make sure they are working closely with the engineers and architects and looking for creative ways to achieve your vision. An advisor should always be on your side to make sure every detail is addressed.

A Rubicon construction consultant provides you with advice and guidance to both public and private sector clients in the development, design, construction, and management of built environment projects. The primary role of a Rubicon construction consultant is to provide specialized knowledge or technical expertise in order to help the client make sound decisions and ensure successful project delivery from start to finish.

This may include managing resources, making sure work progresses on schedule, monitoring costs, resolving legal issues, ensuring quality standards are met, providing contractual advice and liaising with stakeholders throughout the process.

In addition to advising clients on best practices for success in all stages of their projects, a construction consultant also works closely with contractors and other professionals involved in the project. By having an experienced specialist on hand during project development, clients can be assured that their projects will be completed on time and to the highest standards.

Value Engineering

Getting the most out of your project is critical and it can be achieved through value engineering. Since every project begins with good design, your advisor should be looking for the best value possible and be willing to adjust the design in order to help save money. Your advisor should also be looking for ways to save money at every turn while still accomplishing your goals.

Value engineering is a method of construction consulting that helps project owners and developers to reduce wasteful spending while achieving the same quality in their projects. It is based on the idea that value can be quantified by examining each component of a project, considering its function, purpose and cost. By addressing potential redundancies and unnecessary expenses, value engineering can provide significant savings on construction costs.

The process includes an evaluation of all aspects of the design process including materials, labor, equipment and processes with input from industry experts. Ultimately, the goal is to create a design that meets all requirements at the lowest possible cost without sacrificing quality or performance.

Value engineering is not only beneficial during the planning phase but also throughout the duration of the project as it continues to identify ways to reduce expenses and achieve better results. It is thus an essential tool for project owners and developers to remain within their budget and ensure a successful outcome.

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A construction consultant reviewing plans and blueprints


We probably sound like a broken record, but communication really is the one common thread in everything that you do regarding design and construction. Hiring the right construction consultant, with the right communication skills, will save you money every time. By simply documenting your vision, and keeping up with the details, a construction consultant can save you time and money by being a good communicator both with you and with the design and construction team. Every minute they save by being organized and thorough comes through in the end.

Understanding how to effectively communicate with your construction consultant is essential for the successful completion of any commercial property project. Here are some tips for communicating with your construction consultant that will help ensure a smooth and successful outcome:

1. Be clear and concise when conveying information, such as deadlines or expectations. Make sure all relevant parties involved have a copy of the plans and specifications in order to avoid confusion.

2. Establish an open line of communication between yourself and your consultant so both can stay up-to-date on progress reports, updates, changes in plans, etc., throughout the entire project timeline.

3. Provide feedback quickly when needed – delays in responding to questions or requests can cause unnecessary complications down the line.

4. Be willing to compromise and make adjustments when needed, as construction projects can often take unexpected turns and require flexibility.

5. Give credit where it’s due – recognizing the hard work of your consultant is a great way to foster an environment of collaboration and mutual respect.

By following these tips, you will be able to communicate effectively with your construction consultant throughout the entire project timeline, helping ensure a successful outcome for your commercial property project.

If you are looking to hire a design and construction consultant, Rubicon brings fresh eyes and new perspectives to each of our projects and recommends adjustments to design or construction that maximize space and materials to achieve your ultimate goals. We operate as the owner’s representative. Our number one job is to advocate on your behalf and facilitate for you. We are here to ensure that you have the end product you want, on time and on budget.

At Rubicon we provide the support that our teams need to provide you with the very best end result for your commercial design. We know that when you hire us for design and consulting that we are representing your business. And we bring our A game every single time. If you’d like to find out how, call us today.