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Top 3 Winter Property Supervisor Tips
Cold temperatures and winter storms can severely damage your commercial property if it is unprepared, as a property supervisor you need to be ready. An experienced facility management team can take the guesswork out of keeping your facilities in tip top shape during the winter months. Taking these three winter facility management steps can save […]
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Covering Your Zoning And Building Permit Bases
When it comes to zoning and building permits, you want someone on your side who can take care of all of the development on your project including obtaining permits and any zoning, rezoning, or building permits that may be necessary. At Rubicon, we can make it easy for you and take the guesswork out of […]
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What is Flex Space and How Can You Use It?
Flex space is an increasingly popular trend in commercial real estate construction, but what exactly does it mean? Flex space is at its core a flexible, lightly zoned space that can be used for multiple purposes and typically has a combination of industrial and retail or office space. Combining these mixed uses has become a […]
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Avoiding Potential Pitfalls in New Construction
New construction can certainly have its challenges, but knowing what to look for and how to plan will help you avoid any potential pitfalls that may come your way. There are several key elements to consider when starting a new construction project, and being aware of the importance of each one is a step in […]
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8 Effective Winterizing Property Preparation Tips
Winterizing property is a useful practice to perfect. Commercial properties are just like any other type of property in that they must be properly prepared for the winter months. This is especially true in certain areas of the United States that are prone to harsh winter conditions like Utah and the Intermountain West. Cold temperatures […]
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Top 5 Tips To Promote Better Tenant Improvement
Investors in commercial real estate work through many steps in the process of preparing and maintaining a property. Better tenant improvement is a crucial part of that process that can be challenging and tedious. Rubicon can help you handle any size tenant improvement project on any property, whether it is industrial, multi-family, retail, office, or […]
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Commercial Construction: Huge Value In 5 Ways
Your property is more than a building—the quality of the facility you’re in has the power to add to or detract from your company culture and employee morale. Whether you are embarking on a new commercial construction project, renovating your existing building, or performing tenant improvements, you have the opportunity to add value to your […]
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How Value Engineering Can Save Money in 3 Ways
Hiring a general contractor with expertise in value engineering can save your company money while still achieving your desired end goal. Experienced general contractors or design and construction consultants can offer creative, out-of-the-box solutions to maximize your budget while addressing your specific needs. You can maximize the impact of value engineering efforts on your next […]
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6 Bold General Contractor Traits With Worth
You might need a general contractor; and if you are planning a commercial construction project, you have undoubtedly spent numerous hours researching general contractors, reviewing their portfolios, and contacting their references. There are a few key skills and traits you should expect from your general contractor in order to complete your project on time and […]
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