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Keep From Frozen Pipes Catastrophe in 2023
It’s no secret that frozen pipes can mean big trouble for commercial and residential properties alike. When cold weather strikes, frozen pipes can mean not only expensive repairs but also costly downtime if you are a commercial property owner. As with many other aspects of facility and property management, regular maintenance is crucial preventing your […]
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What is Good Facility Management in 2023?
What is good facility management? It includes a broad range of services that ensure the safe, comfortable and efficient operation of commercial properties, multi-family units and real estate developments. Property owners or property managers alike can benefit from facility management services through increased efficiencies. If you are interested in learning more about how facility management […]
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5 Benefits of a Well-Kept Commercial Landscape
Having a well-kept commercial landscape for your property is essential for making a good impression and attracting customers. Maintaining the lawn and other commercial landscape features is important for aesthetic purposes and safety reasons. By having a neat and trimmed lawn, you can reduce potential hazards on your property. Not only does this make it […]
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New Tenant Improvement Trends for 2022
In 2022, there is a greater focus on health and wellness, customization of tenant spaces, energy efficiency, increased use of technology, and greater flexibility in leasing terms when it comes to tenant improvement. Health and wellness have become increasingly important to tenants in the workspace environment. Designers are incorporating features such as natural light, air […]
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Four Hard Commercial Lawn Care Tasks Rubicon Will Fearlessly Do
Commercial lawn care is no easy task, especially when it comes to tasks such as leaf removal, weed removal, snow removal, and pruning trees. It requires hard work and dedication to keep a lawn or commercial property looking its best. Not only must the lawn be mowed regularly, but certain maintenance tasks must be done […]
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Snow Management and Top 5 Critical Ways It Secures Clients
It may still be summer, but Utah natives know that the first snowfall is likely just a few months away. So now is the perfect time to consider hiring snow management services for your commercial property. Investing in quality snow management will help your clients have a much better experience.  Reasons to Hire Commercial Snow […]
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A Guide to Successful Commercial Snow Removal
During winter, many things must be done to maintain and protect your commercial property against cold weather hazards. One of those things is commercial snow removal. Whenever snow falls at your commercial property, you need to move it to ensure your building and parking lot are safe and accessible for your clients and visitors. Clearing […]
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Tenant Improvement Checklist
Is it time to upgrade a space in your commercial real estate holdings? Are you wanting to get more money-per-square foot of your existing commercial buildings? It sounds like a tenant improvement project is on the horizon. Here is an important checklist to consider to maximize the value of your tenant improvement project, whether you […]
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What to Do When You Have a Plumbing Emergency
It’s 3:00 in the morning. Your phone rings. Your commercial building has flooded. It's a plumbing emergency. There may even be a safety hazard like electrical issues at play. Your team wants to know what to do. Create an Emergency Protocol This one should happen well before the 3AM phone call. Meet with your leadership […]
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